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Industry Market Analysis
Camellia Oil Industry Market Analysis:
1. Domestic Macroscopic Condition Analysis
Relevant national authorities specially formulate National Camellia Industry Development Plan (2009~2020) to make domestic camellia plantation reach 70 million mu, and after production stabilization, the transformed camellia forest will produce 25kg of camellia oil annually, updated, grafted and newly planted camellia forest will produce 40kg of camellia oil annually, camellia oil output will reach 2.5 million tons, and annual output will reach RMB 100 billion counted by the sales price of RMB 40,000 per ton. Complete camellia production, supply and sales industry chain will be formed on the basis, and camellia industry development layout with relatively sufficient resources, high utilization level and obvious output benefit will be formed gradually.
2. Market Competition Analysis
The market competition conditions and implied opportunities of camellia oil product should be analyzed in two aspects. On one hand, compared with general edible oil market, the whole camellia oil industry is at an immature stage according to current market competition. There are nearly 1000 camellia processing enterprises in 14 camellia producing provinces (regions, cities), camellia seed design and processing capacity reaches 4.3 million tons, annual camellia oil processing capacity reaches 1.13 million tons, camellia processing industry has formed a certain scale and certain basis. But no one enterprise, such as Jinhao, Jintuotian, Jinlongyu and Runxin, becomes the leader of camellia oil market with obvious brand advantage and scale advantage, no one brand creates characteristic camellia oil brand culture by using valuable resources left by ancestors, and no powerful and efficient brand marketing system is built by systematic marketing strategy to lead other manufacturers to develop industrial boundary.
On the other hand, the future camellia oil market demand is prosperous. According to National Camellia Industry Development Plan (2009~2020), domestic camellia oil output is 267,000 tons annually, annual occupancy per capita is only 0.2kg, which is far lower than 20kg-average olive oil level of developed countries, edible oil consumption structure is not reasonable at all, and the olive oil consumption of developed countries generally accounts for over 40% of total vegetable oil consumption. If we reached the standard of 2kg, domestic camellia oil output should increase 10 times, and annual gap will reach about 2.5 million tons. Seen from the trend, the future market demand of camellia oil will be very great, which brings rich imaginary space to practitioners and enterprises which hope to enter this industry.
3. Future Development Trend With the increase of consumers’ marketing health awareness and income level, camellia oil and other high-end edible oil products are more and more concerned. The integral camellia oil industry gradually expands on the basis, and insufficient industry competition and national industries support bring infinite opportunities to practitioners taking the quality as the footstone and new entrants who plan to enter this industry.
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