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Cheap camellia

Date:2012年4月11日 11:37

Camellia oil per kilogram retail price of less than 50 yuan, or adulterated, or the level is low! "Recently, in a theme for the forum of the" safe oil - Healthy Households "experts eloquently of cheap camellia oil exist.

Camellia oil industry as the "Oriental olive oil, nutritious, rich in trace elements known. Have become an increasing concern with the health, camellia oil sales rose steadily to become a fast-growing emerging oil. Geng Jie, the franchise camellia oil and related products, Honam University, Sunshine Group, revealed that in recent years, the consumption of domestic camellia oil market every year, two-digit speed increments, but due to raw materials, growth conditions limit the production, after all, still a small oil types. However, currently on the market there are several camellia oil brands, products all over the major supermarkets.

However, the reporter saw at the supermarket, no specific ingredients on the packaging of each brand of camellia oil, claiming to be refined by the mountain tea seed, nutritious, rich in vitamin E and calcium, iron, zinc and other trace elements. Its price than the edible oil more expensive several times, the most expensive one brand of camellia oil 5L installed retail price of 393 yuan. Nevertheless, in the eyes of experts, the camellia still enough expensive ". Fu Liang, director of the Food Research Centre, Jinan University, pointed out that the market is lower than 50 yuan a jin of camellia oil there may be false. His analysis: "In general food products, raw materials may account for only 10% of the cost, but the camellia oil raw materials accounted for 50% of the cost, coupled with the other some of the costs, so the the camellia reasonable retail price of not less than 50 yuan 1 kg of Fu Liang also said that cooking oil in many grades directly from the price to determine the oil's quality is good or bad is less rigorous, but less than $ 50 camellia oil does have the possibility of adulteration.

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