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Tea oil industry is not bad money, and poor only market rules

Date:2012年4月11日 11:28

Camellia industry, the rapid development of the excellent situation, tea processing industry has burst point constantly, Jin Hao tea oil carcinogens excessive haze is not casual, wide Seamus classic food Co., Ltd. and Oil Co., Ltd. Guangxi Golden King of Tea tea oil products are to be exposed carcinogens exceeded scandal.

If these are the tip of the iceberg of the surface, the Southern Rural News Reporter After extensive investigations, found a little-known reefs hidden below the surface. Without qualification, the sanitary conditions to protect the small oil mill around the tea-oil producing areas of the township, farmers own oil extraction sell more cost-effective than the tea seed sold to a large camellia oil processing enterprises, which led to large oil enterprises processing raw materials is extremely tense, widespread underemployment to rely on the acquisition of a small oil mill waste barely fill their stomachs ". The detection of small oil mill produces without quality inspection departments is difficult to guarantee the quality of the tea oil flow to the township market, accusing him of the world (November 2 Southern Rural News Section 7).

Tea oil is known as the Oriental olive oil, its biggest selling point is that health, not price, and therefore aimed at high-end consumer market. And to establish the image of tea oil products in the quality of high oil prices in the consumer end, critical to the overall credit processing industry. If occasional tea oil carcinogens poisoning cases only cause consumers questioned on certain brands of tea oil processing industry show the "bad money drives out good currency," the industry is adverse selection trends, and allow consumers to see to the occasional necessity behind this phenomenon can not effectively control, may engulf the trust of consumers in this emerging edible oil of tea oil, then just emerging and considerable development prospects of the tea industry will face even overturning crisis.

Large oil enterprises to compete with small oil mill. Article due to supportive government policies in place, and large oil prices on government funding support is also looking forward to. In fact, the crux of the problem of tea oil processing industry is not short of money, but the lack of rules. The entire industry in the state of loss of pipe run, high quality Camellia in the production and marketing chain subject to a double squeeze. On the one hand, the small oil mill is a gray area due to management and production costs lower than the large oil prices and therefore easier to get the favor of the farmers, a steady stream of raw materials; the other hand, in the sales cycle, tea blend oil standard is difficult to distinguish inferior tea oil can easily flow into the market and has a significant price advantage, quality tea oil but not the market should return. Clearly, large oil prices and a small oil mill does not compete in the same starting line, the lack of rules weaken the competitiveness of the informal enterprises, reducing the cost of inferior enterprises speculative, given a reverse incentive for practitioners. Thus, the entire industry a "bad money drives out good money" phenomenon is not surprising. The rules are not established, the breeding of the root causes of diseases of the industry would be difficult to eliminate, the opportunistic behavior of the various types of tea oil companies would be difficult to stop.

Oaks from little acorns. Olive oil has been able to world-renowned behind is developed, the solid support of the industrial chain, from research and development, planting to processing, all aspects of the sales are indispensable. Camellia is endemic to China, woody plants, it is consistent with the field "country" does not compete with the grain of edible oil development strategy, on the other healthy, low-carbon quality to meet the market demand, therefore, whether the government or investors optimistic about its prospects for development. Supportive government policies and the active participation of farmers in recent years, tea and acreage by leaps and bounds, but behind the appearance of prosperity, the industry chain is not solid. Acute shortage of quality seeds and seedlings, planting extensive management model, the processing enterprises in different ways, and other issues have been exposed to, and often mentioned by the media.

Behind reflected deep-seated problems of smallholder production and management mode with tea oil high-end positioning incompatible. Camellia has long been planted in China, rural small oil mill has been the main provider of the township of edible oil. Camellia industry to achieve even greater development, we need to move the broader market. Therefore, tea is now transformed into a synonym for China's high-end oil and olive oil in stature. Ultimately, the product of high-end high-end, than not the seeds change on their own merits, but the level of development of the whole industrial chain and compete with agricultural production and management level.

The prospect of tea oil industry, the key is the level of industrialization of the Camellia industrial chain, and improve the level of industrialization of the key is to establish comprehensive rules, rather than simply support policies blindly encourage the expansion of the blind expansion of acreage or subsidized competitive enterprises. To establish a fair market order, the effective supervision of the department in charge of small and large businesses and farmers, fair competition on the same platform, supporting the superior and eliminating the inferior, can really produce high-quality businesses and quality of tea oil.


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