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Faxia food 500 years of tea tree oil

Date:2012年4月11日 11:20

Early last year, the Hubei-Faxia food forestry science and technology personnel in the Eagle's Nest Township, Wang Road, Yang camp, Yan toward the relative into a piece of wild Camellia forest near mu, of which the relative concentration of wild oil, more than 100 years oldtea 1000.

In July, Xianfeng Forestry Administration professionals to Eagle's Nest Township Yokomichi villages, ancient tea tree oil communities recently discovered near mu, a "large ancient rare tree protection license hanging in an age of more than 500 years, wild oil tea, which is the verifiable world's largest and oldest tea tree oil ", Hubei,Faxia food Co., Ltd." Rise of wood "camellia" Brand Features ".

Century wood produced by the the Hubei Faxia Food Co., Ltd. wild organic camellia oil, raw material selection of its own "world selenium Enshi Tujia and Miao mountain," said the average age of more than 100 years of wild mountain tea tree seed, the fruit through autumn, winter, spring, summer, autumn quarter of the growth cycle, Yang Zi fog, cloud, collect all the natural nutrients, the sun and the moon essence. Low temperature cold-rolled after picking, crushing, refining, winter, fine filter, to detect the five processes, crystal clear color, pure fragrance tastes.

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