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Origin of Bainianmu
Hubei Xianfeng County has over 30,000 mu of wild camellia trees with a history of over 2,000 years. Ancient tea oil trees in tens of thousands of mu are grown in Gaoleshan Maheba Village, Jianshan Henglu, Yangjiaying Village, Qingping Ertaiping Village and other places, and over 1,000 camellia trees have age of over 100 years. An ancient camellia tree in Henglu Village, Jianshan Town has bust of 1.98m, height of 13m, crown diameter of 9.5m and age of over 500 years through the appraisal by forestry experts, and is the largest and oldest camellia tree verifiable in the world, so it can be called “Tree King”.
Hubei Faxia Food Co., Ltd. selects seeds of wild camellia trees with average age of over 100 years in Enshi Tujia Nationality and Miao Nationality mountain areas, and their fruits fully absorb natural nutrients through growth cycle of autumn, winter, spring, summer and autumn. Inheriting oil refining process of Tujia People, our company adopts low temperature cold pressing technology, and develops “Bainianmu” wild camellia oil brand with crystal clear color and fragrant and genuine flavor through pressing, refining, winterization, refined filtration and inspection.
       Centenary Fragrance, Centenary Wood. Thick Tujia folk customs, begin to develop globally
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